Doves Wing               

A Natural Psychic & Intuitive

Empath from birth, Tarot was one of the first tools in learning to translate what is known in the heart, but she also uses the Crystal Ball and an Alchemical Process of Metal Melting Divination

The facade of reality can make it difficult for many to be in a vibration to hear the voice of the soul. It is Dove's Wing's purpose in life to listen and to help others on the journey.

Dove's Wing has always had a positive outlook on life. Happiness, peace, and well being all come from within. It is just a matter of choice in any circumstance.

Dove's Wing has been using Tarot as a divination tool for over 20 years. Self taught from the start she has a strong sense of self reliance. Dove's Wing spends much time looking within and has strong telepathic connections with beings of Love and Light that have taught her much. Visions and dreams and a vibrational knowing for truth have become guiding forces in her life.

She has received many lessons from life’s journey and from her good friend Tamare White-Wolf . Dove's Wing is now sharing the gift of Tarot and Intuition.                              

Readings are available by appointment and LIVE On-Line

$60 and $100         



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The Art of Reading the Tarot is very ancient and has developed from Chess to Cards! It is the ability to use allegorical images to stimulate the mind to unlock the mysteries of the Psychic Realms and the Akashic Records.. Also it is the language of Jesus and Mary Magdelena set thousand of years ago by pagan worshippers who loved them both. Come find out about HIS.Story and unlock the MISSed..Story. Completely Restructured Course STARTS Thursday Sept 18th 7-9pm $30-... [read more]