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The Art of Reading the Tarot is very ancient and has developed from Chess to Cards! It is the ability to use allegorical images to stimulate the mind to unlock the mysteries of the Psychic Realms and the Akashic Records.. Also it is the language of Jesus and Mary Magdelena set thousand of years ago by pagan worshippers who loved them both. Come find out about HIS.Story and unlock the MISSed..Story. Completely Restructured Course STARTS Thursday Sept 18th 7-9pm $30-... [read more]

SHAMANISM ~ Animal Symbology Part 1
SHAMANISM ~ Animal Symbology Part 1 Nov 22, 2014

Shamanism Part 1 of Level 2 Animal Symbology Facilitator: Tamare White-Wolf Psychic & Shaman Spiritualist Totem Animals of Yourself and Loved Ones Nature Focus of the Zodiac Signs Earth, Sun & Moon Astrology Meta-Physical Interpretation Celtic and Native Tradition Animals have a secret message, in the old days we all undertsood how to listen to their sudtle hints and warnings. Let Tamare White-Wolf open that door up to you, you will see how your favorite animals are actually refecting your personality! Learn about tracking and living styles! Tamare was born in the time of Leo, accordingly it is associated to the Salmon and/or Sturgeon, therefore the actions and lifestyle of the these large "finned ones" describe her natural style. Enjoy the day with her and discussion canadian wildlife, earth astrology and your own totem animal readings. An Old Age Tradition, practiced in all cultures.. Every culture recognizes that animals are part of the divine source. Animals are habitual and their habits help us to understand them, they speak to us in ways we can understand, if we listen! The Totem offers inside and personal information about our-selves too. Let Tamare teach you how to listen to Mother Earth speak to you! Teachings on Totem Animal Readings will be shared as well! November 22nd and 23rd 10-4pm $200- Entry Level to Intermediate welcome ! ... [read more]

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